PDE-News (2/15/11): China’s Chance

China’s Chance
I report in today from Shanghai where preparations are underway for a major global summit on entrepreneurship at the end of March. The recent events in Egypt have put a spotlight on the role of a younger, well-educated generation of entrepreneurs peacefully channeling expressions of economic freedom. China has been miles ahead in reconciling a strong government with messy entrepreneurialism and offers some useful lessons for Arab nations as they grapple with enabling, rather than blocking, their citizens under the age of 25.
It is well-known China has seen dramatic increases in growth over the past decade and has enormous potential, plus the human resources, to realize even more growth in the future. Read more…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/February/Chinas-Chance.aspx

From the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Blog
President Unveils FY 2012 Budget
The White House sent President Obama’s proposed budget for FY 2012 to Congress earlier today–weighing in at $3.7 trillion. With Republicans looking to poke holes in the plan, Jack Lew, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, will appear at several congressional hearings throughout the week to defend it. In advance of those hearings, Lew appeared on the White House website with a quick overview of what the budget hopes to accomplish. Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/February/President-Unveils-FY-2012-Budget.aspx

FastTrac Leading to Start-ups and Job Creation Across the Nation
Kauffman FastTrac programs in New York and Michigan are leading to new business starts – and the jobs that come along with them. Following an intense entrepreneurial education program initiated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in March 2009, 1,000 NYC entrepreneurs have graduated the program. Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/February/FastTrac-Leading-to-Startups-and-Job-Creation-Across-the-Nation.aspx

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy
The steady stream of congressional hearings continues, featuring a review of President Obama’s proposed FY 2012 budget by a number of committees, including the Budget Committees on both sides of the Capitol. Read more…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/February/This-Week-in-Entrepreneurship-Policy-021411.aspx

A Look Back at Innovation Daily
Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation — courtesy of Innovation America. Here, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories it compiled from last week. Read more…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/February/A-Look-Back-at-Innovation-Daily-0814.aspx