ARI Newsletter (3/15/11) – Angel Data, ACA Summit, Entrepreneur Help, Exits, Startup America

March 2011 — Welcome to the twenty-fourth edition of theĀ Angel Resource Institute newsletter, reporting matters of interest to angel group leaders and others involved in angel investing with a special focus on best practices.

Halo Report: Quarterly Statistics and Trends on Angel Investing
The Angel Capital Education Foundation (ACEF) is partnering with Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights to build a comprehensive database of angel investing for use by angels and angel groups. The data will be used to produce the Halo Report, the first ever quarterly report on angel investing statistics and trends. Read more…>>

2011 ACA Summit, Angel Investing – From Seed to Harvest
Six hot areas of sector investing, early exits and large returns, entrepreneurs who hit homeruns, and a look into the future of angel investing, plus the exciting entrepreneurial aura of the Boston area, are on the agenda of the Angel Capital Association’s 2011 Summit, April 4-6. Read more…>>

Ask An Angel: I’m an Entrepreneur Looking for Angel Capital, What Do I Need to Know?
We asked three experienced angel investors to give entrepreneurs “insider tips” on how to be more successful at raising angel capital. It starts with seeking advice, understanding how angel groups work, and walking in an angel’s shoes to recognize that exits and returns are priorities and that execution is the secret sauce. Read more…>>

Negotiating Exits with the “Big Dogs”: What Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Need to Know
These days, large companies’ money is very green and their interest in tapping into entrepreneurial innovation is high. This creates an interesting exit environment for angels and entrepreneurs who want to sell. But before trying to dance with the so-called “Big Dogs,” it pays to prepare. Read more…>>

Collaboration Transforms Underfunded Bridge into Oversubscribed $4.5 M Series A
When it comes to collaborative investing, Sierra Angels of Incline Village, NV is one of the most pro-active angel groups in the country. Recently the group transformed an underfunded bridge loan into an over-subscribed $4.5 million Series A involving eight angel groups. Read more…>>

Startup America: Public and Private Partners Invest in American Entrepreneurs
New companies are almost solely responsible for all net new job growth in the U.S. for most of the last three decades. Startup America, a new public/private initiative aims to increase the ranks of entrepreneurs, the number of startups, and find new ways to help entrepreneurs and young companies succeed. Learn about the initiative from the perspective of corporate leader HP. Read more…>>

Global Entrepreneurship Program Promotes Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
The Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) is a U.S. State Department-led initiative designed to promote entrepreneurship around the world as a primary plank in U.S. foreign economic policy. GEP is a collaboration of public, private, and non-profit international partnerships. One of GEP’s marquee efforts in emerging markets is to expand angel networks, working with ACEF in countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, and Morocco. Read more…>>

Group Profile: Rain Source Capital
RAIN Source Capital is building a national community-based system of investors and capital growing private companies close to where investors live. The RAIN Fund Network of angel groups has 23 angel investor funds in six states with 450 individual angel investors, $150 million invested, $20 million in committed capital, and more than eighty portfolio companies. They plan large growth in the coming years. Read more…>>

Exit Earns BlueTree Allied Angels 28 Percent ROI
BlueTree Allied Angels of Pittsburgh recently experienced a 28 percent compounded ROI on the exit of medSage Technologies, LLC. This is a classic angel deal. Angels invested in two rounds of $1.3 and $1.2 million, and medSage was able to scale and start generating cash with no VC money required. Read more…>>

Revenue Capital: An Alternative to Equity Capital and Traditional Debt
Revenue capital (also known as royalty-based financing) offers a potentially flexible financing alternative for entrepreneurs seeking additional capital. For investors, revenue capital presents an opportunity to receive regular and increasing returns as the company gains traction instead of waiting multiple years for a liquidity event. Read more…>>

Women & European Early Stage Investing: Strengthening European Entrepreneurship by Enrolling More Women in Early Stage Investing
Female angels represent less than five percent of the European angel market according to a recent report by EBAN. With 28 percent of EBAN groups reporting no women members at all, EBAN has set initiatives to increase the number of women in the business angel market to 20 percent of business angel investors in Europe by 2015. Read more…>>