Kauffman Foundation News (10/28/10): “The Economic Framework for a More Prosperous and Safer World”

Ideas and Insights
This edition of Ideas at Work features an essay by Col. Jeffrey Peterson, who shares first-hand experience and thoughts about the military’s role in economic development in a post-conflict environment and the importance of economics as a component of successful counterinsurgency operations.

The Economic Framework for a More Prosperous and Safer World

By Jeffrey D. Peterson
Colonel, U.S. Army
Professor of Economics, West Point Military Academy

To most people the word “entrepreneur” probably conjures images of someone tinkering in the garage or pitching a business plan to potential investors. With luck, the venture takes off and before long the entrepreneur is hiring more workers and looking for new space to house a growing enterprise. But this scenario captures just a slice of entrepreneurial activity, and it leaves out some of the most entrepreneurial individuals that America produces: America’s soldiers-men and women whose success or failure in high-risk environments often depends on their ability to create and implement new ideas while quite literally under fire.

At first blush, the military as an incubator of entrepreneurs may not seem to parse. After all, one might ask, isn’t the military about the chain of command and following orders? Rather than individual action, don’t military units focus on group missions and achievements by team? Where in this ecosystem is the space for the entrepreneur? Read this essay…>> http://www.kauffman.org/entrepreneurship/the-economic-framework-for-a-more-prosperous-and-safer-world.aspx?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Opticast&utm_campaign=Ideas_At_Work_10_2010

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Report Seeks to Focus Reform Efforts in Kansas City Schools
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Study Suggests Back-to-Basics Solutions for Budget Shortfalls
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