Kauffman Foundation News (12/12/11): Kauffman sketchbook features KC mayors

Kauffman Foundation’s Latest Animated Sketchbook Features 
Mayors Declaring Kansas City ‘America’s Most Entrepreneurial City’

Mayors James and Reardon say the cities’ entrepreneurial spirit 
is stronger than state lines

A new Kauffman Foundation sketchbook video features Kansas City, Mo. Mayor Sylvester James and Kansas City, Kan. Mayor Joe Reardon joining forces to explain the importance of entrepreneurship to a city’s identity and growth. The video was released in conjunction with an initiative launched last week to declare Kansas City as “America’s Most Entrepreneurial City.”

After highlighting the community’s rich entrepreneurial history, the mayors talk about the future, including Google’s plans to bring ultra high-speed Internet access to the two cities that will build a “worldwide platform for entrepreneurship.” The mayors go on to “celebrate those who take risks, apply new technology and have the imagination and ingenuity to create something new.”

The “City of Entrepreneurs” sketchbook can be viewed here…>> https://mail.google.com/mail/?uip=1#search/entrepreneurship/134330a1fdb0f648