Kauffman Foundation News (4/28/11): Kauffman Study Examines Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Return to Home Countries

‘Greener Pastures’ at Home Entice Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs from United States
Immigrant entrepreneurs leave for lower operating costs, growing markets and family ties, but closely maintained U.S. ties create ‘brain circulation’

High-skilled immigrant entrepreneurs from India and China are leaving the United States by the tens of thousands each year, drawn away by better economic and professional opportunities in their home countries, according to Kauffman study.

The new Kauffman Foundation report, “The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs,” is based on a survey of U.S.-educated Indian and Chinese professionals who had returned to their home countries and started businesses. These respondents cited economic opportunities, favorable conditions for starting a business, and the speed of professional growth as the leading motivations for returning home. Family ties also played a significant role in attracting the entrepreneurs back to their native countries.
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