Kauffman Foundation News (5/25/11): New research and development agreement aims to accelerate commercialization of new treatments

NIH and Non-profits Sign Research and Development Agreement

The National Institutes of Health today announced an agreement with two non-profit organizations to accelerate the development of potential clinical therapies for rare blood cancers.

The cooperative research and development agreement, called The Learning Collaborative (TLC), has been established as a shared commitment to move therapies for rare blood cancers into clinical proof-of-concept studies so that promising treatments can eventually be commercialized. The agreement is among the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the NIH Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases program, and the Hematology Branch within the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

The Kauffman Foundation provided early support to the University of Kansas when it established the Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation, which focuses on research and education with an emphasis on product development and commercialization of novel medical innovations.

“The establishment of collaborations like TLC is the reason the Kauffman Foundation funded the Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation,” said Lesa Mitchell, vice president of advancing innovation at the Kauffman Foundation. “The TLC is exciting news, not just for advancing drug therapies for rare blood cancers, but for any researcher, philanthropy or pharmaceutical company seeking faster pathways to cures. Collaborations like this are the answer to advancing innovations in life sciences.” Read More…>> http://www.kauffman.org/newsroom/nih-and-non-profits-sign-research-and-development-agreement.aspx