Kauffman Foundation News (6/13/11): Video now available: Kauffman Labs Education Ventures Showcase

Video Now Available
Watch Kauffman Labs Education Ventures Founders Present Their Innovative Companies
Watch the founders of some of the most transformative educational startups emerging today showcase the motivations, inspirations, and market cases for their companies here…>> http://www.kauffman.org/KauffmanMultimedia.aspx?VideoId=985368721001&type=R&tag=Education%20Founders

The 23 entrepreneurs who participated in the Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation Education Ventures program presented their companies’ stories last week as the culmination of a four-month program that allowed these founders of education companies to immerse themselves in the Labs’ intensive, hands-on curriculum designed to catalyze the development of their businesses.

While all the companies serve the education market, they represent a broad spectrum of innovations and business models. Examples include a Netflix-inspired online digital library to revolutionize how children and parents worldwide access children’s books, a mobile software company that turns inexpensive Android tablets into powerful educational tools, a non-profit that connects at-risk high school students to donors online who can help fund afterschool and summer programs, and a next-generation web and mobile platform that combines aspects of social gaming with hands-on money management experience to provide financial literacy instruction for students aged ten through eighteen.

The Education Ventures program offered participants individualized training and entrepreneurship education, coaching on a variety of business and marketing skills, guidance in connecting with financiers, and a prorated annual salary that enabled them to pursue their projects full-time.
Read more about the Education Ventures companies here…>> http://www.kauffmanlabs.org/companies

The Education Ventures program is one of the initiatives of Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation intended to study first-hand how startups gain traction while also providing a collaborative atmosphere that contributes to the evolution of the businesses.