Kauffman Foundation News (9/1/11): Carl Schramm on importance of expeditionary economics in countering violent extremism

Kauffman Foundation President in The Ripon Forum: 
’In Countering Violent Extremism, Give The People 
Ownership of Their Economy’

An essay by Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, is available in the Summer 2011 issue of The Ripon Forum, which considers issues in American national security and politics ten years after the attacks of 9/11. The essay, Expeditionary Economics and Countering Violent Extremism , highlights the utility of expeditionary economics in preventing radicalization and fostering global stability. Expeditionary economics, a term coined by Schramm, emphasizes entrepreneurship and private sector growth as the critical ingredients for sustainable development and, in turn, stable and secure countries. In the essay, Schramm considers the role of expeditionary economics in countering violent extremism (CVE), the importance of economic growth in the post-9/11 world, and innovation in American CVE efforts. He highlights two important ideas that the Kauffman Foundation has recently proposed–the Institute for Military Economic Analysis and the School of Military Government–that would assist the United States in bringing entrepreneurial economic growth to fragile states.

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