PDE-news (11/28/11): Canada on the Rise

According to a recent index released by Forbes, many policy changes have made Canada the best country for business. The index evaluates countries on property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom (personal, trade and monetary), red tape, investor protection and stock market performance. Canada jumped three spots from the 2010 survey, getting high marks for Personal Freedom (#1), Red Tape (#3), Investor Protection (#5) and Trade Freedom (#7). It also had a noticeable improvement in its tax ranking-thanks largely to a “Harmonized Sales Tax” and reduced corporate and employee tax rates. Is this resulting in a better climate for Startups?

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From the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Blog

Kauffman Foundation to Award Junior Faculty Fellowship Grants

The Kauffman Foundation today released a formal call for nominations and will again award up to seven Junior Faculty Fellowship grants to faculty members in the United States whose research has the potential to make significant contributions to the body of literature in entrepreneurship. Read More…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/November/Kauffman-Foundation-to-Award-Junior-Faculty-Fellowship-Grants.aspx

Restoring US Competiveness

Earlier this year, the Center for Public Policy Innovation (CPPI) published a report on restoring U.S. competitiveness which outlined several strategies to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. The strategies, including a simplified version of Sarbanes-Oxley for small firms, a permanent R&D tax credit, and a ‘free agency’ model for technology transfer, are at the heart of a series of forums held by CPPI to explore policies that would encourage new firm formation and growth. Read More…>> http://cl.exct.net/?qs=44445ccbee9bfa7f1637e8236c160a6a3dce41a995c732a3f699fa76db688c66

Sergeant Confirmed as Chief Counsel for SBA Advocacy

After serving as the Chief Counsel for Advocacy at the U.S. Small Business Administration for more than a year, Winslow Sargeant was finally confirmed by the Senate on Friday, November 18. Tom Sullivan, who served as Chief Counsel for Advocacy from 2002- 2008, applauds the confirmation in a recent blog post. Read More…>> http://cl.exct.net/?qs=44445ccbee9bfa7f83bf1c4a883eb3aadae4a1885bd8131c6a986ba7109103fd

A Look Back at Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation– courtesy of Innovation America. Here, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories it compiled last week. Read More…>> http://cl.exct.net/?qs=44445ccbee9bfa7f3641f4b238e52923d0a1987ae5ec4a62fa7b869919a07d5a

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy

With the House & Senate both in Washington this week, several hearings are scheduled that caught our attention, including a review by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs on outstanding proposals to spur job growth through capital formation. Read More…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/November/This-Week-in-Entrepreneurship-Policy-November-28.aspx