PDE-News (4/11/11): Venezuela’s New Passion for Startups

Venezuela’s New Passion for Startups
Despite political moves that have been making foreign businesses and investors in Venezuela nervous in the past few years, entrepreneurship has managed to survive. For many Venezuelans, entrepreneurship is a way of facing the prolonged political and economic troubles in many sectors of the economy, as the Washington Post article “With Chávez, Some Venezuelan Entrepreneurs See Opportunity” explained when the President won re-election. Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/April/Venezuela-s-New-Passion-for-Startups.aspx

From the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Blog
Franchising Challenges & Potential Growth
When you speak with small business owners, many of them will tell you that access to credit remains a challenge. Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/April/Franchising-Challenges-and-Potential-Growth.aspx

A Path to Prosperity
A couple years ago, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) kick-started the conversation on deficit reduction with the release of “A Roadmap for America’s Future.” Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/April/A-Path-to-Prosperity.aspx

The Most Important Global Company You Have Never Heard Of
They are larger than amazon and have more users than ebay. Yet, most Americans have never heard of them. Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/April/The-Most-Important-Global-Company-You-Have-Never-Heard-Of.aspx

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy
A look at upcoming Congressional committee hearings on Capitol Hill, including a few on taxes and job growth. Read more…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/April/This-Week-in-Entrepreneurship-Policy-041111.aspx

A Look Back at Innovation Daily
Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation — courtesy of Innovation America. Here, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories it compiled from last week. Read more…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/April/A-Look-Back-at-Innovation-Daily-0511.aspx