PDE-news (7/25/11): Is Indonesia the Next Brazil?

Is Indonesia the Next Brazil?

It has been a big week for entrepreneurship in Indonesia. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Bali on July 21 to take part in an ASEAN Regional Entrepreneurship Summit (RES) held by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and the Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI). The theme of the 3-day RES was: “Emerging Entrepreneurs: The Next Big Chapter.”

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From the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Blog

Startup Act Proposal Looks to Jump-Start Economy

On the heels of the recent dismal unemployment report and data showing that new firms are growing slower and staying smaller, the Kauffman Foundation presented a collection of broad policy recommendations last week at the National Press Club in Washington. Read More…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/July/Startup-Act-Proposal-Looks-to-Jump-Start-Economy.aspx

EDA Seeking Comment on Economic Visioning Challenge

The Economic Development Administration is taking a crack at seeding the creation of innovation ecosystems through a new “X Prize-style” competition that challenges multi-disciplinary teams of experts to develop economic and land use proposals for their city. Read More…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/July/EDA-Seeking-Comment-on-Economic-Visioning-Challenge.aspx

Entrepreneurship & Nation Building

According to a new paper on ‘expeditionary economics’ by the Kauffman Foundation, the United States should establish a new school of military government focused on creating a scalable cadre of nation-building experts. Read More…>> http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/July/Entrepreneurship-and-Nation-Building.aspx

This Week in Entrepreneurial Policy

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FDA Medical Device Regulation: Impact on American Patients, Innovation and Jobs

To some of us who are not abreast with the activities of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we might be wondering how on earth the FDA has an impact on businesses, and for that matter, American jobs. Read More…>>http://www.entrepreneurship.org/en/Blogs/Policy-Forum-Blog/2011/July/FDA-Investigative-Hearing.aspx

A Look Back at Innovation Daily

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