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Sierra Angels is Nevada’s premier angel investment group founded in North Lake Tahoe in 1997. Our Membership consists of 50+ highly experienced executives and entrepreneurs who provide funding, mentoring and strategic introductions for meritorious early-stage technology companies primarily in Nevada and California. We also proactively collaborate with other angel groups throughout the Western States. To date, our Members have funded approximately 100 companies in a wide range of industries, including software, mobile, social media, IT, IoT, robotics, AI, cybersecurity,  health tech, clean tech, among others. Sierra Angels is a founding member, and on the Board of Angel Capital Association (ACA).

Our Value-Add Model

Membership is by invitation-only, resulting in the most effective Accredited Investors with substantial operational experience to create our reputable value-add model. Our Members are chosen with targeted industry backgrounds and have extensive professional networks to ensure relevant expertise and connectivity for our portfolio companies. As a result of the experience of our members, many entrepreneurs have found our high value-add model to be immensely helpful in both their strategic and operational development. In addition, our emphasis on proactive collaboration with other highly reputable funding entities helps to ensure that chosen companies get the focus, support and adequate funding required for success. We are very active in collaborating with lead angel groups and early stage VCs located in nearby regions on promising projects within our fields of significant expertise. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that angel investing, in support of entrepreneurship, is a prominent catalyst for innovation and a driver of economic growth in the region and the country. Engaging an ecosystem approach, we aspire to expand entrepreneurial initiatives by developing and maintaining proactive relationships with major entities within our communities who foster innovation, technological advancement and support successful emerging businesses. These include education and research institutions, economic development institutions and other community leaders throughout the region related to our mission. Click to learn more about our involvement in the community.

Examples of innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystem Boards on which our Members serve include:

  • University of Nevada College of Engineering 

  • UNR College of Business Administration

  • Sierra Nevada College

  • Desert Research Institute

  • U.C. Davis External Research Advisory Board

  • Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) 

  • Angel Capital Association (ACA) 

  • E O Entrepreneurs' Organization

In support of regional innovative early-stage company formations, we have created a mentoring organization, Sierra Innovations and a pre-seed fund

Sierra Innovations Entrepreneurship Fund SIEF.

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