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Sierra Angels is a high value-add angel group highly experienced as deal lead. To an entrepreneur this means:
  • Doing the due diligence

  • Negotiating and putting forth the term sheet

  • Selecting a board member 

  • If more funds are needed than are available in our group, we work with you to put together the deal package to take to our trusted network of collaborating Angel Groups

  • We also activley work with other groups leading deals. 

Our Value-Add Model
Beyond capital and deal management, we add significant value to the growth of our portfolio companies. Our Members have strong industry knowledge and contacts, as exemplified in the following sample of experience and connectivity:
  • Founder Travelocity, Chairman of Kayak (IPO, acquired by Priceline)

  • Recent Sr. Executives with Colgate Palmolive and Kodak

  • Multiple founders of companies with large exits incl. TurboTax, and Quantum

  • Founder/Sr. Executive of data analytics and AI companies

  • Co-founder, CFO Juniper Networks

  • Group Presient of major housing and retailing corporation

  • Former CFO of Oracle, partner at large VC fund

  • Former Sr. Executive with Microsoft

  •  MDs & CEOs from nation’s leading Healthcare systems, and medical imaging

  • Former President of Whirlpool China; Sr. Exec of Toyota and Honeywell

  • MDs from one of the Nation’s leading Healthcare systems, and medical imaging

  • Founder, Sr. Executive TREX and other clean tech businesses

  • Former VP for Research at University of Nevada

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