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Sierra Angels is dedicated to evaluative screening of all meritorious applications that are presented to us, either directly or through a collaborating partner. Our screening process consists of multiple steps and is led by an experienced team of seasoned investors. After reviewing our investment process below, we welcome you to apply at any time. 

Step 1: Application 

The first step to complete when seeking funding is to apply directly to Sierra Angels. This includes filling out an application with an overview of your company, financial data, a business plan, and key documents. You can submit an application by clicking here

Step 2: Screening 

Following the submission of your application, the Sierra Angels Screening Committee will review and discuss your company's business idea and market potential. During this time you may be asked to submit additional information to assist with the screening process.


Step 3: Presentations 

If your company is successful during the evaluation process, you may be invited to a Screening Committee phone presentation and/or a dinner meeting with the Sierra Angels membership. The morning following the dinner presentation you will meet with interested investors for a Q&A and to receive feedback on due diligence plans and funding interest.

Step 4: Due Diligence 

If your company is successful after the presentations, Sierra Angels Members will conduct due diligence of your organization. 
After successful due diligence, interested Members will make investments on an individual basis. This also may include syndicating the deal with other regional angel groups. To see a list of angel groups we work with on a regular basis, please click here.

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